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Legal Marketing Research & Results

SEO marketing research & evaluation requires a fast, thorough examination and assessment of your business and its sphere of operations to determine exactly what is needed to reach the SEO marketing objectives set. It’s the way Top O Top are able to get inside your business so as to approach your market SEO niche accurately. That means talking to the right people; speaking the right language; pressing the right buttons.

To do this we put these key areas under the microscope:

Your Business – Understanding you: the company structure, services offered, pricing structure, current routes to market, aims and objectives, short-term goals, strengths and weaknesses etc.

Your Clients – Understanding your clients: company structures, buying patterns, contacts, requirements, problems, potential spend, type of magazines and websites they read etc.

Your Prospects – Identifying and understanding your prospects: the industry sectors, company structures, buying patterns, contacts, requirements, customers, potential spend etc.

Your Competition – Knowing your enemy. We will evaluate and compare the services that you offer against the competition to assess relative strengths and weaknesses, their routes to market, the differences and similarities, their clients, their advertising patterns etc.

Your Market – A thorough analysis and assessment of each local, national and international market in which your company operates

SEO Results Evaluation, Analysis & Statistics

Evaluation of the marketing campaign, highlighting trends and making adjustments if necessary, ensure best possible targeting and results.

To ensure that targets are met and budgets and timescales are adhered to, search and submit would schedule and lead the following:

Quarterly strategy reviews – Assessment of approach, budget allocation, results, strengths and weaknesses.

Ongoing marketing evaluation – Continual evaluation of the marketing strategy, how we approach the markets etc.

Monthly marketing reports – To keep everybody informed of the progress and requirements and discuss and evaluate new marketing ideas.

SEO Marketing Research & Results Evaluation

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