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R&D Tax Credit Claims – No Claim No Fee R&D Tax Helpline – Research & Development Tax Relief Claims

No Claim No Fee R&D Tax Relief Credit Claims

Reclaim Tax Ltd delivers specialist no claim no fee R&D tax credit relief claim preparation and management service. Our clients are accountants, SME financial directors and business owners involved in the building, civil engineering, construction, energy, engineering, industrial, farming, food, manufacturing and fabrication sectors. 

With 12 years of experience, we have reclaimed over £407 million in tax rebates with our clients enjoying an average repayment of £70,000.

Your Business Costs May Qualify For R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Relief ClaimsIf you own a limited company trading for over 12 months and have innovated in products, processes, systems, or more, you likely qualify for Research and Development Tax Relief, regardless of profitability. R&D tax credits may be  your key to rewards!

If you’re developing new systems, processes, products, or making any business changes, you could be eligible. HMRC provides statutory definitions and guidance on activity considered eligible for Research and Development Tax Credits.

R&D Tax Credits, Claims, Refunds & Rebates

R&D Tax Relief ClaimsOur tax relief claims team comprises seasoned R&D professionals, each assigned to handle claims with dedicated expertise. Over the past few months, we’ve successfully processed more than 300 claims, showcasing our proficiency in this field.

The recovered amounts in our recent cases vary significantly, ranging from £50,000 to an impressive £950,000. Our commitment is reflected in our “No Claim – No Fee” policy, ensuring clients only pay when we deliver successful outcomes.

Corporation Tax Relief Planning

R&D Tax Relief ClaimsOur tax relief experts work with you to identify the scope of R&D work for the relevant projects and potential eligibility. We then help to prepare the tax relief claim, making sure all relevant information is included. Expect a fast, efficient and transparent claim process.

Our average tax credit rebate is £72,000. If you’re not sure you have a R&D tax credit claim, there’s a quick way to find out.

Claiming R & D Tax Credit Relief Made Simple!

R&D Tax Credit Claims

As part of our outsourced book keeping and accounting services we prepare tax returns, complete CT600 forms and manage tax relief claims for SMEs and companies of all sizes. We specialise in Capital Allowances, Research & Development (R&D), Remediation of Contaminated Land, and the Patent Box.

If you have any specific requests or topics related to R & D (Research and Development) that you’d like assistance with, feel free to provide more details or ask questions. Whether it’s about R&D tax credits, best practices in R&D tax planning, or any other aspect of research and development, we are here to help!

For a free R&D tax relief consultation call 01743 298980.

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