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R&D Tax Credit Specialists – No Win No Fee R&D Tax Refunds & Rebates

Your Business Costs May Qualify For R&D Tax Credits

Investing in innovation? R&D tax credits may be  your key to rewards! If you’re developing new systems, processes, products, or making any business changes, you could be eligible.

Many businesses do R&D without realising it. Don’t overlook the potential – even your day-to-day operational costs like salaries, overheads, and more can qualify for tax credits.  |


Claw Back Your Business Costs & Expenses With R&D Tax Credits!

R&D expenses are a common type of operating expense, and a company may deduct them on its tax return. Examples of R&D expenses include salaries and wages, materials and supplies, contract research, software development, patent costs, consulting fees, and facilities and equipment.

Claim what you deserve! Our R&D tax specialist ensure you get the best return possible. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to be rewarded for your innovation!

Qualifying Expenditure For R & D Tax Credit Claims

What does HMRC consider as qualifying costs and expenses when claiming R&D tax credits

Overcoming Technical Challenges: Have you invested time and resources in solving complex technical problems to enhance the efficiency of your business?

Creating and Testing Prototypes: Does your company design, build, and test models to explore new ideas and determine their practicality in real-world scenarios?

Streamlining Processes: Is your company actively researching ways to streamline operations, making tasks more efficient and work easier?

Trialing New Materials: Do you explore and experiment with new materials to discover improved and more intelligent options for your operations?

Developing Bespoke Software: Have you crafted or updated specialized software to address specific challenges and perform unique tasks tailored to your needs?

Trial and Error Processes: Does your company persistently experiment with different approaches to problem-solving and process improvement?

Achieving Industry Firsts: Is your company at the forefront, introducing new and innovative services or products that set you apart from others?

Who Is Eligible for R&D Tax Credits?

Claims for R&D tax credits can be made by UK businesses fitting the following criteria:

UK Limited Companies that Are Still Trading: Is your business a UK limited company that is actively conducting operations and transactions?

Companies of All Sizes and Sectors: Regardless of your business’s size or the industry it operates in, can you claim R&D tax credits for eligible activities?

Both Profitable and Loss-Making Businesses: Whether your business is making a profit or operating at a loss, are you eligible to claim R&D tax credits based on your qualifying activities?

Entities Subject to Corporation Tax: If your business is obligated to pay Corporation Tax, does it meet the criteria for claiming R&D tax credits?

R&D Tax Credit Specialists – Claim HMRC Tax Breaks, Rebates & Refunds

Claiming R&D tax credits isn’t just a paperwork drill – it’s a pathway to reducing taxable income and enhancing your cash flow. Our specialists guide you through the complete process of claiming R&D tax credits on your business expenses.

We ensure your claim complies with all HMRC guidelines to maximise your returns and provide the financial boost your company deserves.

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Claim your R&D tax breaks, rebates, and refunds with a dedicated team that understands the intricacies and delivers results. Your journey to unlocking the full potential of your R&D expenses starts here.

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