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Non-Food Pet Trade Research Costs & Expenses – Pet Trade Business R&D Tax Relief

Non Food Pet Trade R&D Tax Relief Claims & Credits

Whatsapp Tax HelplineThese examples demonstrate the diverse range of R&D tax credit claims, rebates & refunds in the non-food pet trade sector to drive innovation, improve pet care standards, and meet the needs of pet owners and their beloved animal companions.

Claim Tax Relief On Pet Trade Research & Development Costs

Pet Healthcare Products: Researching and developing pet healthcare products such as flea and tick treatments, dental care products, grooming supplies, and nutritional supplements to promote the health and well-being of pets.

Pet Accessories and Toys: Innovating pet accessories and toys, including collars, leashes, harnesses, beds, and interactive toys, through R&D efforts focused on design, materials, safety, and durability to meet the needs and preferences of pet owners and their pets.

Pet Training and Behavior Aids: Developing pet training aids, behavior modification tools, and enrichment products such as training treats, clickers, puzzle toys, and pheromone diffusers to facilitate positive reinforcement training and address behavioral issues in pets.

Pet Technology and Wearables: Investigating pet technology solutions such as GPS trackers, activity monitors, smart feeding devices, and pet cameras to provide pet owners with insights into their pet’s activity levels, health metrics, and behavior patterns.

Pet Waste Management Solutions: Researching and developing pet waste management solutions such as biodegradable poop bags, litter box liners, and odor control products to promote cleanliness, convenience, and eco-friendliness in pet care routines.

R&D Tax Relief Credits For Non Food Pet Trade Companies


Pet Travel and Transportation Products: Innovating pet travel and transportation products including carriers, crates, car seats, and travel accessories to ensure comfort, safety, and security for pets during travel and outdoor adventures.

Aquarium and Fishkeeping Supplies: Conducting R&D on aquarium equipment, filtration systems, lighting solutions, and water treatment products for freshwater and marine aquariums to create optimal environments for fish, plants, and aquatic life.

Reptile and Amphibian Enclosures: Developing enclosures, terrariums, heating systems, and humidity control devices for reptiles, amphibians, and exotic pets to replicate their natural habitats and support their physiological needs in captivity.

Small Animal Housing and Habitat Enrichment: Researching small animal habitats, cages, exercise wheels, and enrichment accessories for rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets to promote physical activity, mental stimulation, and natural behaviors.

Bird and Avian Care Products: Innovating bird cages, perches, toys, and dietary supplements for pet birds and avian species to enhance their physical and mental well-being in captivity, while providing opportunities for exercise, exploration, and social interaction.

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