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Lighting R&D Tax Credit Claims – Tax Relief, Rebates & Refunds For Lighting Research

Whatsapp Tax HelplineThese examples demonstrate the diverse range of R&D tax credit claims, rebates & refunds in the lighting sector to drive innovation, improve energy efficiency, enhance lighting quality, and address emerging trends and challenges in the lighting industry.

Tax Relief For Lighting Research & Development

LED Technology Advancements: Researching and developing advanced LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technologies, including improved chip designs, phosphor coatings, and packaging techniques, to enhance energy efficiency, color rendering, and lifespan of LED lighting products.

Smart Lighting Systems: Innovating smart lighting systems equipped with sensors, wireless connectivity, and automation capabilities to enable personalized lighting control, occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and energy management in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Human-Centric Lighting: Investigating human-centric lighting solutions that mimic natural daylight patterns, including tunable white LED lighting and circadian lighting systems, to support health, well-being, and productivity by regulating circadian rhythms and improving sleep quality.

Connected Lighting Networks: Developing connected lighting networks based on Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and protocols, such as Bluetooth mesh, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi, to enable interoperability, remote monitoring, and data analytics for smart city applications and building management systems.

Research Tax Relief, Rebates & Refunds For Lights & Lighting


Lighting Design Software: Advancing lighting design software tools and simulation platforms, such as Dialux, Relux, and AGi32, to facilitate accurate photometric calculations, lighting simulations, and visualization of lighting projects for architects, designers, and lighting engineers.

Energy-Efficient Luminaires: Researching energy-efficient luminaire designs, including high-efficiency fixtures, optical systems, and thermal management solutions, to minimize energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and comply with energy efficiency regulations and standards.

Outdoor Lighting Innovations: Innovating outdoor lighting solutions, such as streetlights, area lights, and architectural lighting fixtures, with advanced features like adaptive lighting controls, dynamic dimming, and integrated sensors for improved visibility, safety, and energy savings.

Emerging Lighting Technologies: Exploring emerging lighting technologies, such as OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) lighting, laser lighting, and microLED displays, for applications in automotive lighting, signage, and display panels, offering slim profiles, high contrast ratios, and flexible form factors.

Sustainable Lighting Materials: Investigating sustainable lighting materials, such as recycled plastics, bio-based polymers, and eco-friendly coatings, to reduce environmental impact, promote circular economy principles, and support green building certifications.

Lighting for Horticulture: Developing specialized lighting solutions for horticultural applications, including LED grow lights, vertical farming systems, and greenhouse lighting controls, to optimize plant growth, increase crop yields, and accelerate indoor farming operations.

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