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Civil Engineering R&D Tax Credit Claims – Tax Relief Claims For Civil Engineering Research

Claim R&D Tax Credits for Infrastructure & Civil Engineering Research

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Research and Development (R&D) activities in the civil engineering sector focus on advancing infrastructure design, construction techniques, materials innovation, and sustainability practices. 

Tax Relief For Civil Engineering Research & Development

Here are ten examples of R&D activities undertaken in the civil engineering industry.

Advanced Materials Development: Researching and developing high-performance construction materials, such as ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC), fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP), and self-healing materials, to enhance durability, strength, and resilience of infrastructure components.

Structural Health Monitoring: Investigating sensor technologies, wireless networks, and data analytics algorithms to monitor the structural integrity of bridges, buildings, dams, and other infrastructure assets in real-time, detect early signs of deterioration, and prevent catastrophic failures.

Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Design: Conducting research on green building materials, low-impact development techniques, and sustainable construction practices to minimize environmental footprint, reduce energy consumption, and promote resilience to climate change.

Building Information Modeling (BIM): Developing BIM software tools, interoperability standards, and collaborative workflows to facilitate integrated project delivery, streamline design coordination, and optimize construction planning and management processes.

Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Design: Investigating soil-structure interaction, ground improvement techniques, and foundation systems to optimize design parameters, mitigate settlement risks, and ensure stability of structures on various soil types and geological conditions.

Research Tax Relief, Rebates & Refunds For Civil Engineering


Transportation Infrastructure Innovation: Researching intelligent transportation systems (ITS), traffic management algorithms, and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication technologies to improve mobility, reduce congestion, and enhance safety on roads, highways, and urban transit networks.

Water Resources Management: Studying hydrological models, flood forecasting systems, and water supply optimization strategies to manage water resources effectively, mitigate flood risks, and ensure reliable access to clean water for drinking, agriculture, and industrial use.

Resilient Infrastructure Planning: Conducting vulnerability assessments, risk analyses, and resilience planning exercises to identify critical infrastructure assets, assess their exposure to natural hazards, and develop strategies to enhance their resilience and adaptability to climate change impacts.

Offsite Construction and Prefabrication: Researching modular construction techniques, offsite fabrication processes, and prefabricated building systems to accelerate construction schedules, improve quality control, and reduce construction waste in building projects.

Smart Cities and Infrastructure Automation: Investigating smart infrastructure technologies, IoT sensors, and data analytics platforms to optimize urban infrastructure systems, enhance energy efficiency, and improve quality of life for residents through interconnected urban planning and management.

These examples illustrate the diverse range of R&D tax credit claims, rebates & refunds in the civil engineering sector to drive innovation, improve infrastructure performance, and promote sustainable development in the built environment.

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