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Pro Bono SEO Marketing In Africa

We provide web design & internet marketing skills, resources and advice to Gambian owned and managed companies to help them educate their staff and customers on the online business opportunities that are available.

A recent poll from online travel research company EyeforTravel, suggests that 7 out of 10 travellers use the internet as their primary source of travel information. Gambia Holiday News helps local Gambian travel & tourist businesses to gain wider access to generate income from the online tourism market much more quickly and easily than previously possible.

We focus on micro, small and medium size Gambian travel and tourism companies that wish to promote their products and services online, but lack the capital and knowledge to create their own website.

Pro Bono SEO Marketing & Web Design

Top O Top also promotes causes and projects that will have a positive impact on the local Gambian community and also offers pro bono project management and internet marketing support for charities, NGOs and community development projects in The Gambia

Blooger, WordPress, YouTube and social networks such as TripAdvisor, Twitter and Facebook offer free or low cost tools to market business and development projects more widely.

Top O Top works to empower local travel and tourism companies with the internet skills and tools to plan, manage and develop successful online marketing campaigns

Top O Top organise workshops, seminars and training courses in local internet cafes to sensitise and empower users with the latest web technologies such as WEB 2.0, Open Source, YouTube and social networks such as AliBaba, TripAdvisor, Twitter and Facebook

We provide web design & internet marketing skills, resources and advice to Gambian owned and managed internet cafes to help them educate their customers on the online business opportunities that are available.

Internet Marketing & Business Development

The Top O Top IT training tutorial is now internationally recognised as an innovative approach to assist people and organisations in the development and maintenance of digital information resources for government, businesses, charities, NGOs & community development projects.

Rotary District 9101 –  Collaborated with Rotary International and Rotary Clubs in 10 West African countries to manage and deliver the web marketing and IT systems for 2019 Rotary District 9101 conference in The Gambia

Solie Law Chambers: Developed and managed online campaigns to generate and close consultancy contracts with U.N., E.U., I.M.F., W.H.O., World Bank, etc. We also developed real world campaigns to generate legal instructions establishing Solie Law as one of Gambia’s leading law firms.

Dr. Aurora Martin is an anti-discrimination and gender expert. She is Senior Advisor in International Relations within the Romanian Government and Parliament (on behalf of National Agency for Equal Opportunities, Ministery of Labour and Social Justice, and National Council for Combating Discrimination).

Arch Tours: Developed the creation, sale and delivery of tours and trips in Gambia, Senegal, Mali and Guinea Bissau for tourists and holidaymakers establishing Arch Tours as Gambia’s leading ground tour operator and winning Trip Advisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for 6 consecutive years, one of only a handful of African companies to be admitted to the Trip Advisor ‘Hall of Fame’.

Dimbayaa Fertility: Developed an infertility awareness, prevention and treatment project working with the Gambian Government, Walking Egg Foundation, Genk Institute for Fertility Technology in Belgium, University of Leiden in Holland and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London that helps childless women in rural and urban areas.

Gambia Ballet Factory: A sustainable female empowerment and girl’s education project introducing Classical Ballet to schools, youth organisations and orphanages in Gambia, generating donations, sponsorship and scholarships from Russian Ballet Society in London and Miami City Ballet in Florida.

G-Tech Football Academy: Developed a sustainable grassroots and youth football project which now educates and trains over 120 young Gambian footballers working with football agents and coaches from academies and clubs in Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Holland and the UK.

Pro Bono SEO Marketing & Web Design


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