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Printing & Packaging Research & Development Tax Credits

These examples highlight the diverse range of R&D tax credit claims, rebates & refunds in the Printing & Packaging industry to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and address evolving market demands and sustainability concerns.

Enhancement of Print Quality: Researching and developing innovative methods to enhance print quality, such as refining color accuracy, improving resolution, and reducing defects like streaking or banding.

Integration of Waterless Printing Technologies: Investigating and implementing waterless printing technologies to minimize water usage, reduce waste, and enhance print quality and efficiency.

Advancements in Digital Presses: Developing next-generation digital presses with improved speed, accuracy, and versatility to meet evolving customer demands and market trends.

Exploration of Renewable Inks: Researching and testing inks made from renewable materials to reduce environmental impact, decrease volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and enhance employee safety.

Development of Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Innovating packaging materials and designs to optimize resource usage, minimize waste, and improve recyclability or compostability.

Enhancement of Printing Plate Technologies: Investigating and refining printing plate technologies to extend lifespan, improve durability, and enhance printing efficiency and consistency.

Reduction of Hazardous Substances: Developing processes and materials to minimize or eliminate hazardous substances used in printing and packaging, thus ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and promoting worker safety.

Optimization of Inkjet Technologies: Researching and optimizing inkjet printing technologies to achieve higher speeds, improved color accuracy, and broader substrate compatibility for various printing applications.

Advancements in Flexographic Printing: Innovating flexographic printing processes and equipment to enhance printing speed, consistency, and quality, while also reducing setup times and material waste.

Exploration of Packaging Automation: Researching and developing automated packaging solutions, such as robotic packaging systems or smart packaging technologies, to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve overall production throughput.

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