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Google SEO & Search Term Research For Companies In Shrewsbury

Google Search Finds Customers & Buyers In Shrewsbury

Being at the top of business keyword searches on Google is perceived as ‘The Jewel In The Crown’ of any digital marketing plan. These organic search results are the leading driver of visitors, customers and buyers to business websites providing an endless stream of sales leads, potential customers and new contacts.

To get your website to the top of the first page of Google is to make your voice heard above all others and your business or organisation can’t afford not to be there – especially if your competition already is.

Google does offer an extensive list of SEO web design guidelines for the creation of search friendly web pages and futher advice and tools to get these pages listed at the top of searches.

SEO takes time, effort, and skill – but it’s not rocket science. Contact us for a list of how these guidelines may have been overlooked by your web designer or SEO agency and to discuss our approach in plain terms.

Top Business Keywords For Customers & Buyers In Shrewsbury

Promote your business to local customers in Shrewsbury at the exact moment they’re looking for them online. Our local SEO services concentrates on getting your business website into the very best positions to be found on Google keyword searches for goods and services in Shrewbury.

  • Businesses on the first page of Google search results reap 70% of Google’s internet traffic
  • 30% of total traffic is taken by the business ranked number one at the top of Google
  • Organic search results earned through SEO are 800% more likely to be viewed than paid ads
  • Organic Google search results generate 300% more traffic than social media.

We are talking about Google searches such as Shrewsbury Estate Agents, Shrewsbury Solicitors, Shrewsbury Builders, Shrewsbury Electricians, Shrewsbury Plumbers, Shrewsbury Hotel

It is the dream of every company and organisation in the world to have their website listed at the top of Google search results for their own particular business niche and location or market. Search engine optimisation companies know that you know this and offer simplistic and naive, quick fix solutions that they hope will satisfy either your need, your greed or your fear.

How To Get To The Top Of Google

If you receive an email that says  “We guarantee to get you to the top of Google searches”, our advice is to delete it immediately. It just isn’t possible to guarantee anything with Google and anyone who makes such promises is just after your cash.

There is no search engine optimisation quick fix. Effective search engine optimisation is a long term marketing strategy. There are no “special contacts at Google,” no “SEO fairy dust” and no “SEO magic button”.

Depending on the current state of your website, SEO can take anywhere from 1- 3 months to see top results. Getting your business to the top of the search engine rankings is so much about what you are prepared to do as a company and how much effort you are prepared to invest.

The best strategy is to find a technology partner who knows what they are doing and who knows their limitations and then works extremely hard on both technical and non technical SEO activities.

Then watch what happens.

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