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SEO Marketing Response Handling

Whatever the method or nature of response, we can efficiently receive and organize the appropriate phone call, support brochure etc. Outsourcing of this type of task is, of course, dependent on your in-house resources and available time (or inclination) to donate them to the project.

We are able to work with you to efficiently manage the response area of the campaign, allocating responsibilities and hierarchy of contact between your staff, ourselves and any third parties This will provide what must always be a seamless approach to clients and prospects.

These are our potential areas of involvement:

Telesales follow up – From sampling of contacts from each mailing through to complete telesales follow up. This will ease the burden on your staff and ensure that mailers are efficiently followed up.

Processing / actioning requests for further information – We will process all requests for information, send out response literature and pass on to you a qualified lead where applicable. Again, this would allow us to accurately measure the response of each part of the campaign and afford us a greater understanding of your market.

Result reporting and assessment – Passing on all sales inquiries with accurate profile of the prospect as they arrive. In addition, we would present a monthly assessment of marketing activity, response and follow-up.

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