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Law Firm Computer Network Audits

Our computer network audits comprise of three key areas, Internal Audit, Penetration Test and Software Audit.

Internal IT Network Audit

The configuration of your computer network is subject to change on a regular basis. Within your IT networks, stores of valuable organisational assets are often held, and are often restricted to certain personnel. HR records, financial data, intellectual property and the like are often secured in databases – however, with inadequate security, it is trivial to extract valuable data from local, or trusting networks. Different variables can affect your network security: new services, new applications, staffing changes, new connections and more.

These seemingly innocent alterations can accidentally open windows and backdoors. These open invitations to hackers and opportunists should be closed.Internal audits can evaluate:

  • Connections between the Internet and your computer network
  • Connections between your computer network and business partners
  • Routes used by employees for telecommuting purposes
  • Internet network production infrastructure (DNS, file servers, mail servers)
  • Internet business-specific infrastructure (DB servers, process control servers)
  • Desktop environments
  • Processes and procedures
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Network inventory
  • Software audit
  • License compliance

Top O Top Internal Computer System Audit provides an outside metric by which your management can judge the quality of your organisation’s security. Thorough and frequent internal audits enable your network to become more secure and less prone to attack

Law Firm IT – Computer Network Audit For Lawyers

Top O Top will deliver an unbiased view of your computer network. We are not influenced by internal politics, scheduling constraints, resource limitations nor the knowledge base of your organisation. An accurate audit requires the analysis of large volumes of data. Our formal methodology for conducting an investigation allows Top O Top to approach the IT network audit from an independent perspective and find any inconsistencies in your security solutions..

Computer System Audit focus includes:

  • Network design and implementation
  • Host systems architecture
  • Host security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Process and procedures
  • Response time for problem resolution
  • Emergency response
  • Computer Network Penetration Testing

Top O Top’s comprehensive test of a company’s external security and strictly follows industry standards and have been developed by our team of ethical hackers. This is a live test mimicking the actions of real life hackers. Conducting a Penetration Test is a valuable experience in evaluating your security and preparing your defenses against the real thing.

  • Full in-depth test
  • Discovers all exploitable Vulnerabilities
  • Extensive reporting & debriefing

Regular Review Benefits

Single security snapshots are useful for single-use purposes, however systems, networks and staff change on a regular basis and new exploits are constantly discovered. Search and Submit recommends that Security Testing be repeated at regular intervals. It only takes one undiscovered hole for hackers to compromise your data. Reviews are available in weekly, monthly, or quarterly intervals to ensure that your systems are protected regularly.

Computer Software Audit

Software manufacturers are increasing the pressure on companies to audit license compliance, while the penalty for illegally using software rises.

Licensing packages are becoming ever more complex, particularly for larger installations making license and cost management even more difficult.

Top O Top provides a complete breakdown of software installations and product use across a large enterprise, allowing informed business decisions to be made about software deployment including the software deletion as well as license purchase.

Law Firm IT & Computer Network Audits

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