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IT & Internet Consultants in West Africa

Internet Marketing Training Consultants In Africa

Africa is witnessing an information technology (IT) or digital revolution that is transforming traditional ways of business and service delivery.

IT is becoming a leading enabler in the new economy and through content and distribution it is bringing about efficiency, productivity and employment in Africa. It is transforming social service delivery in health, education, culture and environmental management.

Web and internet-based exchange of information is fast changing the African landscape and revolutionising trade, business, communication, research, networking and other aspects of daily life

IT & Internet Consultants in West Africa

Yet a gulf is emerging between developed and developing countries with regards to access and use of IT thus creating a new development gap through the so-called digital divide.

In response African countries like The Gambia seek to transform the digital divide into a digital opportunity and put in place strategies to promote the use of IT to boost efficiencies, productivity and service delivery in all sectors of the Gambian economy.

African businesses and companies realises the liberating potential of the new information technology for improving working procedures and profitability.

The ACE fibre optic cable now connects West Africa to the international broadband network for 4G high-speed internet connectivity, communications & data-sharing.

Information Technology in The Gambia

The new high speed internet access can be the catalyst to transform The Gambia into a financial center, a tourist paradise, a trading, export-oriented agricultural and manufacturing nation, thriving on free market policies and a vibrant private sector, sustained by a well-educated, trained, skilled, healthy, self-reliant and enterprising population.

Gambians are eager to learn about computers, information systems and the Internet and want to be able to improve their lives in whatever way possible.

Increasingly employers are demanding computer skills as a condition for employment. Internet access and training improves their opportunity for employment, increases their access to information and brings the power of networking and communicating with others around the world.

The digital economy offers business opportunities for internet entrepreneurs in Africa. With English widely spoken and very little time difference between Gambia and most of Western Europe the potential now exists for Gambia to become an outsourcing centre for IT and web development projects as in India.

The important issue is to raise the scope of IT skills and expertise in businesses and organisations that have most to gain from contact with the internet community locally, in the rest of Africa and across the world.

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