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Agriculture R&D Tax Relief Services – Research Tax Credit Claims – Average Tax Rebate Of £72,000!

R&D Tax Relief For Agriculture & Farm Research

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Many farming and agricultural businesses do R&D without realising it, even your day-to-day operational costs like salaries, overheads, and more can qualify for tax credits.

Has your farm or agricultural business developed any new products, services, or processes recently? Perhaps, software or systems have been employed? Has your organisation developed a mobile app, software, client management system, online portal or database either in-house or by a third-party developer?

R&D Tax Credit Claims for Farming & Agricultural Research

Research and Development Tax Credits are available for companies that are addressing the challenge to foster innovation, and promote sustainability, resilience, and productivity in food and agricultural systems. The development projects below illustrate the diverse range of R&D activities for which companies in the agriculture sector are eligible to claim tax relief. rebates and refunds.

Arable Farming – Dairy Farming – Fish Farming – Horticulture – Livestock Farming – Poultry Farming

agricultural research tax credits

Research Tax Credit Claims For Farmers, Agricultural SMEs & Accountants

If your business is within the farming and agricultural sector and is involved in any of the following, we could help you make a successful R & D Tax Credit claim:

Crop Genetics and Breeding: Researching and developing new crop varieties with improved yield, disease resistance, drought tolerance, and nutritional content through traditional breeding techniques, genetic modification, or genome editing technologies like CRISPR-Cas9.

Precision Agriculture Technologies: Advancing precision agriculture technologies, such as satellite imagery, drones, GPS-guided machinery, and sensor networks, to optimize resource management, reduce input costs, and increase crop productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

Soil Health Management: Conducting research on soil health indicators, microbial communities, and nutrient cycling processes to develop sustainable soil management practices, including conservation tillage, cover cropping, and organic amendments, to improve soil fertility, structure, and resilience.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Investigating and implementing IPM strategies that combine biological, cultural, and chemical control methods to manage pest populations effectively while minimizing pesticide usage, pesticide resistance, and environmental contamination.

Water Conservation and Irrigation Efficiency: Developing water-saving technologies and irrigation strategies, such as drip irrigation, soil moisture sensors, and precision water application systems, to optimize water use efficiency, mitigate water scarcity, and enhance crop resilience to drought conditions.

R&D Tax Credits For Farming & Agriculture Research


Climate-Resilient Crop Varieties: Researching and breeding climate-resilient crop varieties that can withstand extreme weather events, temperature fluctuations, and changing precipitation patterns associated with climate change, ensuring food security and agricultural sustainability.

Agroforestry and Silvopasture Systems: Studying agroforestry and silvopasture systems that integrate trees, shrubs, and livestock into agricultural landscapes to enhance biodiversity, improve soil health, sequester carbon, and diversify farm income streams.

Post-Harvest Handling and Storage Technologies: Developing innovative post-harvest handling and storage technologies, such as modified atmosphere packaging, cold chain management systems, and grain drying technologies, to reduce post-harvest losses, maintain food quality, and prolong shelf life.

Digital Agriculture Platforms: Designing and implementing digital agriculture platforms, including farm management software, decision support tools, and data analytics platforms, to collect, analyze, and visualize farm data for informed decision-making and precision management practices.

Alternative Protein Sources: Researching and developing alternative protein sources, such as plant-based proteins, cultured meat, and insect protein, to diversify the food supply, reduce environmental impact, and address global protein demand while minimizing reliance on traditional livestock production.

White Label Tax Services For CEOs, Finance Directors & Accountants

Our aim is to deliver a swift, robust and efficient end-to-end tax relief claim service for business owners, finance directors and accountants. All we ask of our clients is to provide us with some details, and we take care of the rest.

There are no complicated forms to fill out, no legal language to unpick, and no tax law to get your head around. We charge no upfront costs, and if we fail to identify a claim, we won’t charge you a fee at all. The final fee will then be a percentage taken from the amount we’ve claimed back for you.

It costs nothing to check your eligibility to claim so please use the WhatsApp link or call ss on 01743 298980 or use the form below

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